2012 - UWCC Logan

Course Meeting Time & Place

The course will begin on Monday, October 25, 2012 at 8:00 in the Merrill-Cazier Library, Room 154 on Utah State University’s campus (http://www.usu.edu/map/index.cfm?id=22).

Wireless Internet Access on Campus

You can use BlueZone for wireless access between 10/20/2012 to 10/27/2012:

Access Code:


The University Inn on USU's campus has a block of rooms reserved for participants if you would like to stay on campus.  You may reserve a room online at:


Or you may call them directly (800-231-5634) and let them know you are part of this group.

There are several other lodging options in Logan, including hotels at every price range. For convenience to the course, we recommend the University Inn (http://uicc.usu.edu/), as it is part of Utah State University’s campus and located a short walk away from the Merrill-Cazier Library, where the course will take place.

Traveling to Logan, Utah

 If you are driving to Logan, you can park in the Parking Terrace (http://parking.usu.edu/files/uploads/Visitor%20Parking.pdf) for $7.50/day (free if staying at University Inn).

For driving instructions to campus, see here (http://www.usu.edu/visit/directions/).

Meals & Coffee

Box lunches will be provided in the field, and we will have water with us in the field (you may want to bring your own water bottle). You will place your lunch orders on Thursdaymorning. If you want further drinks, snacks and food in the field, feel free to bring them.

Field Gear

For the field, we will be wading in streams and ponds. You will want waders and wading boots. If you don't have your own let us know so we can bring some for you. In addition it is recommended that you bring:
  • Chest waders and wading boots (thoroughly dried and disinfected w/ bleach solution)
  • A dry change of clothes (just in case) never hurts
  • Thermal layers for inclement weather
  • Outer shell rain jacket for potential rain/snow
  • Gloves
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses (polarized help for seeing in the water)
  • Sunscreen
  • A water bottle
  • A camera (optional)
  • A notepad and pencil (optional)
  • Hiking Boots
Autumn weather can change quickly. Dress warmly and be prepared for rain or light snow if we happen to be that unlucky.