C. Ecological & Hydrogeomorphic Feedbacks of Beaver Dams

Breached Beaver Dam on Beaver Creek

Breached beaver dam near the Idaho/Utah border on Beaver Creek.


Synopsis of Topic

We will cover both the physical (hydrogeomorphic) and ecological feedbacks of beaver dams.

Why We're Covering It

We need to understand the feedbacks and ecosystem services provided by beaver dams in order to develop appropriate restoration and conservation objectives around these.

Learning Outcomes

This topics helps us with the following learning outcomes for the workshop:
  • An appreciation of beaver ecology and the complex feedbacks between beaver activity, hydrogeomorphic responses, riparian vegetation and fish ecology


Slides & Handouts

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Relevant or Cited Literature

Overview of Feedbacks
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Hydrogeomorphic Feedbacks
Riparian Feedbacks

Stream Ecology & Fish Ecology
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  • Terrestrial Ecology
  • Landscape Predictors of Beaver Site Occupancy
    Importance of Dam Failure & Abandonment

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