M. Monitoring Design, Maintenance & Adaptive Management

Monitoring stream restoration

High resolution aerial photos taken from a blimp to document changes due to restoration using beaver.


Synopsis of Topic

We will introduce concepts and approaches for monitoring stream restoration.   

Why We're Covering It

Stream restoration is common but monitoring their beneifts is rare.  Therefore, monitoring a rare restoration approach (i.e. working with beaver) is essentail for us to learn how to use this approach in the future.   Multiple levels of detail should be considered when balancing trade-offs of a given budget with the potentail to learn from these restoration "experiments."

Learning Outcomes

This topics helps us with the following learning outcomes for the workshop:
  • A working understanding of considerations in restoration designs using beaver;
  • An introduction of how to develop dynamic designs utilizing beaver; and
  • How to manage public expectations regarding potential restoration responses involving beaver.


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