E. Overview of Conservation & Restoration Practices

Transplanting Beaver

Nuisance beaver are sometimes moved to locations more desirable.


Synopsis of Topic

Here we want to discuss the various methods you have for working with beaver. These include: 
  • Conservation of existing populations
  • Living w/ Beaver
  • Encouraging Beaver
  • Transplanting Beaver
  • Structural Intervention

Why We're Covering It

We will introduce the potential approaches or limitations of working with beavers to set the stage for more specific considerations when designing a conservation or restoration program involving beavers.

Learning Outcomes

This topic will provide sideboards to the following learning objectives in this course:
  • An appreciation of beaver ecology and the complex feedbacks between beaver activity, hydrogeomorphic responses, riparian vegetation and fish ecology; 
  • Knowledge of past and ongoing restoration projects using beaver;
  • A working understanding of considerations in restoration designs using beaver;
  • An introduction of how to develop dynamic designs utilizing beaver;


Slides & Handouts

Relevant or Cited Literature

Beaver Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change
Transplanting Beaver
Working With Beaver

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Working With Beaver


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