H. Expectation Management: Communicating to Public/Stakeholders/Decision Makers

Michael Pollock explains how beavers manipulated this site but then their dam blew out.


Synopsis of Topic

We outline some of challenges of dealing with public perception of beavers and implementing a restoration project that encourages their proliferation.  We discuss how to:
  • Communicate benefits of process-based restoration and uncertainties (adaptive management?)
  • Describe the economic benefits of ecosystem services provided by beaver.  

Why We're Covering It

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to implementing stream restoration using beaver is to convince public and stakeholders that the potential benefits beavers provide, and associated uncertainties, out-weigh the potential cost of status quo. 

 Learning Outcomes

This topics helps us with the following learning outcome for the workshop:

  •  How to manage public expectations regarding potential restoration responses involving beaver.


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