I. Assessing Potential for Beaver in Restoration & Conservation

Physical Mapping

Joe assessing beaver dam site at Bridge Creek


Synopsis of Topic

For this topic we will focus on current status of local beaver population and the stream envirnoment.  Lectures include:
  • Past, current, & future beaver populations.
  • Limiting factors for beaver:
    • Overview of Population Regulation for Beaver
    • Hydrology/Plumbing
    • Predation
    • Metapopulation Dynamics
    • Interspecific competition with grazers
    • Human Interactions
  • Assesing limiting factors and potential with population models: an example
  • Inventory of physical potential for restoration

Why We're Covering It

The outcome of conservation and restoration efforts are highly dependent on past and current conditions.  An awareness of these conditions and how to evaluate them will improve the likelihood that these efforts are successful.   

Learning Outcomes

  • A working understanding of considerations in restoration designs using beaver;
  • An introduction of how to develop dynamic designs utilizing beaver


Slides & Handouts

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Relevant or Cited Literature

Compatibility with Ungulate Browsing
Living With Humans

Population Models

Relevant Links

Habitat Models for Beaver

Living With Beavers

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